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Meet the Team

  • Muey
    Office Manager

    As an office manager at Kubo Optometry, Muey can relate to the plight of many patients who walk through the door on a daily basis. She admittedly had bad vision herself, so it’s a gratifying feeling to assist someone who is going through the same struggles.

    Muey grew up in Sacramento, CA and has been a certified optician since 2014, and has managed the Kubo Optometry office since 2019. 

    When she’s not at the office assisting clients, you can find Muey staying active. She loves being out in nature, so hiking, biking, fishing are right up her alley. She also likes sports, and won’t turn down a chance to play tennis, football or even attend a football game. She also enjoys spending time with her son. From watching movies, eating their favorite foods or playing tennis, they spend a lot of time together!

  • Lexy

    You never know when an internship might blossom into something else. Just look at Lexy, an optician at Kubo Optometry, for proof. One minute she was just an intern at the clinic and getting her feet wet in the world of optometry. A few months later Lexy was working at the clinic full-time!

    Lexy loves how diverse the clientele at the practice is and the warm, inviting atmosphere that clinic presents. Nothing beats warmly welcoming a patient before tending to their issues. She gushes about working with amazing team members who work hard to make sure every task is completed before the end each day.

    While Lexy loves the field of optometry, she also loves engaging in a variety of hobbies. You can catch her outside taking a nice, relaxing hike, on an airplane traveling the world, or in the kitchen baking yummy goods!

  • Pedro

    Pedro Sanchez is an optician at Kubo Optometry, which means he spends a lot of time helping people with their vision. But Pedro doesn’t simply want to help people with their vision – he wants to help them appreciate and cherish the ability to see. Working at Kubo Optometry, he’s able to provide enjoyable care and promote just how precious the gift of sight is to all patients!

    Pedro vividly recalls an incident where a young boy was loudly complaining to his mom about not wanting to wear glasses. Pedro shared his own experience with wearing glasses from when he was the boy’s age. He explained how each pair let people express their individuality. The young man marveled at this explanation and excitedly tried on his first pair of glasses!

    A high school biology project was the catalyst for Pedro’s interest in optometry. It piqued his interest in the field and made him want to study Biology, which he eventually ended up doing at University of California-Davis. While at UCD, he began searching for pre-health internship opportunities, and that led him to Kubo Optometry. The rest is history!

    A proud product of two Mexican immigrants, Pedro was raised near a military base in Fairfield, CA. He was raised with a strong focus on family. Watching his parents and grandparents endure everything with a smile taught Pedro to keep a bright, positive attitude about everything in life.

    Pedro enjoys several facets of working at Kubo Optometry. From conducting emergency patient check ups, to helping patients through the process, he enjoys it all.

    In his free time, Pedro explores his love for music – he can play 4 kinds of saxophone! He also has weekly meetings with various leaders from different cultures so he can grow in knowledge of other cultures.

  • Jenny

    Jenny’s first experience at Kubo Optometry was as an intern; in that role, she was able to see and learn a lot. She saw doctor to patient interactions, learned how to deal with clients, and began understanding the business side of the field. When the opportunity to work at the office on a full time basis presented itself, she happily accepted!

    What drew Jenny to the world of optometry? She wanted to play an integral role in helping people improve their vision. To her, nothing beats assisting someone with poor vision in picking out a pair of glasses. She also relishes the customer service aspect of the job. While patients at the office learn a lot from Jenny, she appreciates the fact that she also learns a lot from them.

    Empathy, compassion and understanding are all emotions that run through Jenny while she’s at the clinic. She sees firsthand the various eye and physical ailments that clients come in with. That’s why she makes it her mission to understand patients on a personal level, so that she can better understand them.

    Even though she was born in Fremont, CA, Jenny was raised in Sacramento. She credits her parents for all of the sacrifices they have made for her. She is also quick to praise them for instilling the hard work ethic that has helped her get to where she is today.

    When Jenny is not helping clients get their vision problems sorted out, she enjoys partaking in a variety of hobbies. She loves to cook, watch movies, and spend time with her family. One of her most relaxing activities involves painting with her sister while listening to music. Even though she admits she’s not the best painter, she really enjoys creating lasting memories with her loved ones!

  • Christina

    Sometimes in life, you have to simply reach out and grab whatever it is that you desire. Christina really wanted an internship at Kubo Optometry, so she reached out to Dr. Huynh, and was rewarded with it. Fast forward a few years later, she’s now an optician at Kubo Optometry!

    Christina gushes about the environment at the eye clinic. She loves being able to learn about eye care while simultaneously interacting with different types of people from different backgrounds.

    When Christina isn’t busy at the office helping clients with their eye issues, you can find her staying busy in other ways. She enjoys painting, reading books and keeping up with her fitness by exercising.

  • Rachel

    At the beginning of 2020, Rachel was an intern at Kubo Optometry. Roughly 18 months later, she’s now a dedicated optician at the clinic!

    As an intern, Rachel began shadowing the doctor at the clinic. Her duties involved pretesting patients, which would help her learn and gain valuable experience in the optometry field.

    Rachel is a lifelong resident of Elk Grove, CA. She graduated from University of California-Davis with a degree in nutrition biology. Next she plans on pursuing her goal of becoming an optometrist, and is excited to begin optometry school next fall. 

    Rachel’s hobbies include playing tennis, checking out new shows on Netflix, and trying out new restaurants. She also loves to travel!

  • Khudaij

    The field of optometry is always evolving, so there’s always something new to learn. This is what drew Khudaija to the field – she has always been fascinated by the vast amount of knowledge and learning it involves. After completing her undergraduate studies at University of California-Davis, she secured an optician internship at Kubo Optometry to learn more about the field. Five months later she became a full-time optician at the practice!

    Khudaija chose to get involved in optometry because she believes that the eyes are one of the most important body parts that we have. She wanted to not only learn more about the field, but to also help others take care of their vision. Kubo Optometry gives her an ideal platform to do just that.

    Since joining the practice, Khudaija has had a chance to interact with and meet a variety of patients and deal with different cases. She relishes the hustle and bustle of the office and the unforeseen challenges that pop up on a daily basis. One of the most inspirational moments in her career came courtesy of a senior citizen patient who wished she took better care of her eyes. 

    Originally from Pakistan, Khudaija moved to Sacramento, CA at the age of one. When she’s not assisting clients at the clinic she has a litany of activities that keep her occupied. She enjoys traveling, horseback riding and performing social work. You might even catch her curled up on the couch reading a good book!

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