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Eye Infections

When your eyes turn red, get swollen, or are itchy, you may have an eye infection If you have the symptoms of an eye infection, you need to see the optometrist for your eye care. At Kubo Optometry, we have provided residents of Sacramento, CA, with eye infection treatment for many years.  

Eye Infections


Conjunctivitis is an extremely common eye infection. It is also known as pink eye. In the eye, there are small blood vessels that are located in thin tissue that is on the eyeballs and inside the eyelids. These blood vessels can become infected, and this will cause the eye to look red or pink. There are also other causes of this type of infection. If your eyes come into contact with a lot of chlorine, such as in a pool, this can also cause conjunctivitis. Exposure to other chemicals as well as eye allergies can also be caused. If the infection is caused by a virus or bacteria, eye infections can be highly contagious. Antibiotics can clear up the infection rapidly. 


Keratitis is another common eye infection type that occurs when there is an infection in the patient's cornea. When the infection begins, it will cause the corneas of your eyes to swell, and your eyes may become red and swollen. It can cause you to have pain in your eyes, and it usually makes the eyes more watery. You may also experience blurry vision or to have pain when opening or closing your eyes. 

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