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Eye Allergies

Eye allergies are quite common, and you may see a lot of people around you with eye allergy symptoms. The spring and summer tend to be the worst times of year for these allergies, but they can occur at any time. If you have dry eyes or itchy eyes, and you need relief, the optometry professionals at Kubo Optometry in Sacramento, CA, are ready to assist you.

Eye Allergies

Triggers for Eye Allergies

It's common to have indoor allergies as well as outdoor allergies. If you have indoor allergies, it can often be easier to figure out what the trigger is. When the allergies are outdoors, it could be several plants and trees in the area. Indoors, the problem may be scents that are used or house dust. Overall, it can be helpful to think about your routine and when the allergies show up to try to pin down what is causing your symptoms.

Eye Allergy Symptoms

If you have itchy eyes or dry eyes, you may be suffering from allergies. It's common for an allergy sufferer's eyes to turn red due to inflammation of the blood vessels located on the eye's surface. This can happen when the eyes are exposed to the allergy trigger. Your eyes may also tear up in response to the allergen. If your eyes itch, this is because the allergen is triggering the body to react with histamines. If your eyes tear up, this is the body trying to wash away the allergen. Your eyes may also become swollen or puffy. 

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