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Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

Information that you have astigmatism used to be a painful experience. It meant you could not wear the traditional glasses that so many people find fashionable and convenient. Fortunately, today lenses for astigmatism are available, and they provide clear vision while also looking stylish. Many people are born with astigmatism and use lenses to correct their vision.

Our full-service eye care clinic at Kubo Optometry in Sacramento, CA, concentrates on professional insight to our patients for their vision correction needs. Most patients need optometry services before deciding on lenses and other eyewear products. 


What Is Astigmatism?

Astigmatism is an eye condition that causes blurred vision due to the shape of the cornea. It is caused by a curvature defect in one or both of your eyes and affects how light rays are focused on the retina, leading to image distortion. Astigmatism can be inherited or acquired due to certain medical conditions, such as cataracts, keratoconus, or injuries. Our optometrist can offer critical details on whether your need is hereditary or acquired.

Is Astigmatism Treatable?

You don't have to worry about astigmatism. We can correct the shape of your eyes with the right lenses. Contact lenses offer a convenient solution for vision correction in astigmatism, and several types are available today. Rigid gas permeable (RGP or GP) contacts and soft toric lenses are two popular options when treating astigmatism. There are also hybrid lenses that combine the benefits of both rigid and soft toric contacts.

However, our optometrist will work with you for professional astigmatism correction to determine which type of lenses will be the most beneficial for your specific condition. The doctor may also prescribe eye drops or other eye medicines to help with any inflammation or itchiness associated with lens use. Remember, regular eye exams may offer considerable insight into how to approach your condition, making it easier to manage.

What Are the Benefits of Lenses for Astigmatism?

Generally, lenses provide a more natural way to see clearly than glasses. In addition, contacts are less noticeable and don’t fog up like traditional eyeglasses. Soft toric lenses also offer UV protection, reducing the risk of developing cataracts or other eye-related conditions associated with prolonged sun exposure. Finally, with astigmatism contacts, living an everyday life will be easier.

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Kubo Optometry, an optometry service provider in Sacramento, CA, offers comprehensive eye care services for people with astigmatism. Our team of experienced professionals can provide reliable advice on achieving and maintaining perfect vision using lenses for astigmatism. Contact us at (916) 443-8034 and learn how we can help you enjoy clear natural vision.

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