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Eyeglasses offer more than just vision correction; they can also make a fashion statement. Today, eyeglasses are like any other accessory or article of clothing, allowing those who need vision correction to show their personality and style. At Kubo Optometry in Sacramento, our eye doctors can provide you with various options, suggestions, and tips on selecting the best frames for your personal style and face shape. After seeing the optometrist, learn more about the different frame options and discover which frames look best on you. 



How to Pick Eyeglasses

The most important factor when selecting eyeglasses is ensuring that they fit correctly and work with the prescription written by your optometrist. Take the time to sit with the optician and try on various eyeglasses to find the best fit and glasses that complement your face shape, skin tone, and personal style. Find eyeglasses that flatter your face and enhance the natural beauty of your features, and working with an optician can ensure you select the best pair available.


Does the Shape of My Face Make a Difference When Buying Eyeglasses?

When shopping for new eyeglasses, consider how the shape of the frames complements the shape of your face. Stylists use seven basic shapes when considering face shapes and fashion: oval, round, square, triangle, oblong, heart, and diamond. Because everyone's face is unique, using the shape of your face as a starting point when selecting glasses is just the beginning. Next, you want to choose frames that look good based on your unique facial shape and features. Here are some tips on how to select eyeglass frames based on the shape of your face:


Oval Face: Oval faces look good in almost any style of eyeglasses.

Square Face: Slightly curved frames can add depth to a square face, providing balance while highlighting facial features.

Round Face: Rectangle frames can balance a round face by adding angles and definition to facial features.

Triangle Face: Frames that draw attention toward the top of the face, such as semi-rimless glasses, are the most flattering on people with triangle faces.

Heart Face: Heart-shaped faces look best with smaller frames and a square or rectangle shape.

Oblong Face: Oblong faces look best in round, rectangular, or square frames to help add balance to their facial features.

Diamond Face: Glasses with highly decorated designs or a cat-eye style are the most complementary for people with diamond-shaped faces.

See Our Optometrists to Learn More About Eyeglasses

Our opticians will take the time to discuss which frames may look best for your facial features and will have several options for you to try. Call us today at (916) 443-8034 to schedule an appointment at Kubo Optometry in Sacramento and learn more about the different types of eyeglasses available.

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