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Meet the Optometrist

  • DrHuynh
    Dr. Jessica Huynh

    Jessica Huynh is an optometrist at Kubo Optometry, and loves what she does. When Dr. Huynh became an eye doctor, she knew that she would be helping people solve problems relating to their vision. But little did she know she’d also be saving people’s lives!

    When Dr. Huynh was doing rotations at optometry school, her staff dealt with a patient who had visual field defects. After conducting tests, it turned out the patient had a brain tumor. That experience helped Dr. Huynh to realize just how important a role eye doctors play in people’s lives.

    Dr. Huynh grew up in Roseville, CA, and completed her undergraduate studies at University of California-Davis, which is a mere 45 minutes away. After completing her undergrad, she ventured east to Indiana for Optometry school, followed by a move to Ohio State University to complete her residency. Then she moved back to California to practice in Sacramento.

    While studying at UC Davis, Dr. Huynh met Dr. Kubo and he became her mentor. After completing optometry school, Dr. Huynh’s career took off. It took her only four years to transition from working as a technician, to an associate, to eventually becoming the practice owner!

    So what exactly is Dr. Huynh’s favorite part about Kubo Optometry? The people! She loves working with people and staying connected to friends and family who are now her patients.

    When she’s not seeing patients at the eye clinic, Dr. Huynh likes to unwind by spending time with her two sons. She also loves to travel, eat, snowboard and run. In fact, she enjoys running so much that she participates in a 10k race every month!

  • DrLam
    Dr. Cindy Lam

    “Let us help you.” Those were the simple words Dr. Lam uttered to a diabetic patient at risk of going completely blind. The fact that the patient trusted her enough to take her advice and undergo treatment spoke volumes. It showed her just how influential her position was and how she could help positively affect people’s lives.

    Dr. Lam was born and raised in Sacramento, CA. Growing up, her parents instilled in her the importance of hard work and discipline. After earning her Bachelor’s of science in Biological Sciences from the University of California-Davis, it was time to zero in on optometry. She completed her doctorate of optometry at Western University of Health Sciences, then returned home to provide care for her beloved community.

    Educating her patients about their ocular health is something Dr. Lam relishes. Everyone walks into the optometrist clinic with different vision-related issues. So figuring out how to remedy each person’s individual ailment is a challenge that Dr. Lam welcomes. From helping a child get their first pair of eyeglasses, to prescribing treatment for an employee who spends a lot of time behind a computer screen, she enjoys it all.

    When she’s got some free time, Dr. Lam loves to travel – she fondly recalls her time in China while completing an externship. She also enjoys trying out different delicious cuisines from various cultures. You might even catch her taking her beloved beagle on walks!

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